Welcome to Breaking Barriers Counselling and Consulting

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Breaking Barriers Counselling and Consulting provides you with support throughout life’s challenges by assisting you to develop coping strategies during tough times and to create positive change to reach your best potential.

In a safe, confidential space you can explore yourself, your thoughts, your needs, your relationships, and your emotions. Nothing is too insignificant to talk about, if it matters to you, then it matters. Tracy believes that there is nothing so bad that you can’t talk about it and has an open broad-minded non-judgemental approach.

If you are struggling with sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, confusion, panic or matters of a sexual or alternative lifestyle nature, we can help.

If you’re seeking practical assistance with resume development, interview assistance, resolving problems at work or leadership development you’ve come to the right place.


Services Provided

At Breaking Barriers Counselling and Consulting you can engage with services that will assist you get your life back on track. You can engage with these services face-to-face, via zoom (or any other platform) or by phone. The choice is yours.


If You Are In Crisis Right Now

If you are in a crisis, or another person you know is in danger – don’t use this site. CLICK HERE for resources that can provide you with immediate help.